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Medical Advice

Talk to us about your symptoms or possible signs of illness. At Alhuda healthcare services we offer comprehensive medical advice when you need it the most, whether day or night. You can always reach out to our team of skilled healthcare professionals for medical advice even after-hours.

Pre Visit Consultation

We offer pre-visit consultation which is designed to significantly to reduce your treatment planning. During pre-visit consultation we will schedule your next visit after the end of each visit. We will organize for any lab tests that need to get completed before the next visit. With the help of pre-visit consultation we are able to enhance patient experience and improve our medical practice efficiency.

Patient Centric Care

At Alhuda Healthcare services we focus on patient centric care. Our medical experts take advantage of the available resources in an efficient manner such as to enable patient’s well-being. Medical doctors collaborate with patients and their families to make sure that medical decisions are in congruence with the patients’ needs, wants, and preferences

Linguistic Assistance

We offer linguistic services for people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. At Alhuda healthcare services we are committed to meet your specific cultural needs. We offer language support during your stay at the hospital. We think it is critical that you get fully involved in all decision making regarding your health. We will provide with an interpreter to help you communicate with our healthcare staff. We want you to make informed choices. We guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality of all patient information. We assure your dignity and high quality healthcare service.

Ambulance Services

We provide emergency ambulance services. We have trained medical technicians on ambulance to escort patients and their families from home to hospital and back. In the ambulance we have basic and advanced life support such as portable ventilator, trained paramedics, trained doctors, and advanced cardiac ambulances. Our experienced and skilled medical staff will provide medical care directly to the patient whether at home, work or at the site of accident. We also offer bulk bookings for patients who frequently need to make hospital visits.

Follow Up

We follow up on every patient after their discharge. Your personal physician at Alhuda Healthcare Services will schedule a follow up appointment for you. Our physicians will get in touch with you to see how you are doing within one to two weeks. We will be on your side as you recover from you illness and are able to resume your regular activities. As you are recovering if you feel ill, get in touch with our doctors or nurse for immediate attention.

Local Tours

Alhuda healthcare services offers tours to community. Visitors can see the main lobby, surgical lobby, ICU room, patient room, emergency department lobby and the cafeteria. We meet and greet the family, relatives and friends of the patient. Whether you are awaiting the arrival of a new baby, scheduled for surgery or just want to know us better, our doors are always open. Let us show you around and how we can help you get better and live healthier.

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Alhuda healthcare services stands for excellence in hospital services and medical treatment. We have state of art health care infrastructure and superspeciality pathology. You get to access world class health care services. We treat you with respect and dignity. We value human emotion and human life. We offer clear and coherent communication about our healthcare services, our treatment options and the associated cost. You can provide us with feedback on any of our healthcare services.

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